Arielle Scarcella

"How do lesbians have sex?" Yes, that’s a question people actually ask gay women. Because sex can’t actually happen without a penis, right?
Arielle Scarcella is a New York-based vlogger who also happens to be a lesbian. Her self-titled YouTube channel shines a light on the issues facing gay women, and the heteronormative attitudes prevalent today.
Her video 'Lesbian Misogyny' is a great example of how sexism doesn’t leave gay women behind.

Feminist Frequency

Anita Sarkeesian’s channel 'Feminist Frequency' is most famous for its analysis of the representation of women in mainstream video games.
If there was ever an indication of the much-needed discussion around sexist stereotypes and representations of women in video games, it was the unbelievable reaction to Sarkeesian’s videos from the gaming community.
Her videos are so controversial that Sarkeesian has been the victim of continuous online harassment, including threats of rape and death. The abuse reached its peak this August, when Sarkeesian was forced to leave her home after threats were made to herself and her family
Laci Green

What would a list of YouTube feminists be without Laci Green? Incomplete, is what.
Laci Green’s channel provides a much-needed look into sexuality, body image, relationships, sex and gender issues. Her presence in the YouTube community plays an important role in exposing sexism and sexual violence towards women. As a result of the Sam Pepper videos, it was Green that women were contacting to seek help from alleged sexual violence at the hands of Pepper himself.
Check out her video on the objectification of women for a perfect summary of the single-sided narrative of women in history and the media.
Francesca Ramsey is mostly popular for her 'Shit White Girls Say To Black Girls' video. But it’s her video on slut shaming that everyone needs to see.
Recounting her own harrowing sexual assault and the subsequent shame that most victims of sexual violence feel, Ramsey reminds us how damaging that four-letter word can be.

A self-described part-time vlogger and full-time sass machine, Marina Watanabe’s channel provides funny and effective lessons on feminism.
Her video 'But What About The Men? Is Feminism Sexist' hits back at the all too common misconception that feminism is inherently sexist against men because it’s all about women. 

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

Just when you thought Amy Poehler couldn’t get more awesome, she teams up with Meredith Walker and Amy Miles to give us the 'Smart Girls' series.
Aimed at empowering women of all ages to change the world by simply being themselves, 'Smart Girls' teaches us all that women can do anything they put their 
mind to