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Exploring gender with the tools of different, and often multiple, disciplines, Women's and Gender Studies subjects strive to help MIT students better understand how knowledge and value take different forms depending on a variety of social variables. In the course of their inquiry, students not only learn how to use gender as a category of analysis, but also reflect on the manifestation of gender in their own lives, leading to a range of personal and intellectual discoveries. Although gender is a central component of every subject, the study of gender requires attention to connections between gender, sexuality, race, class, religion, nationality, and other social categories; different subjects shed light on different aspects of such connections.
WGS is also an important resource for faculty with an advanced knowledge of gender studies within particular disciplines who are interested in learning more across disciplinary lines; it also welcomes faculty who have an emerging interest in the field of Women's and Gender Studies. WGS offers an undergraduate curriculum consisting of core classes and cross-listed subjects from several departments. Students may concentrate, minor, and petition for a major departure in WGS. There are more than 30 faculty members who are affiliated with the Program from fields as diverse as architecture, history, comparative media studies, brain and cognitive sciences, literature, and political science, for example. The Program in Women's and Gender Studies offered 26 subjects during the academic year 2011-2012, with approximately 200 students enrolled.


Course #Course TitleLevel
WGS.101Introduction to Women's and Gender StudiesUndergraduate
WGS.110Sexual and Gender IdentitiesUndergraduate
WGS.111Gender and Media Studies: Women and the MediaUndergraduate
WGS.115Gender and TechnologyUndergraduate
WGS.125Games and CultureUndergraduate
WGS.140JRace and Identity in American Literature: Keepin' it Real FakeUndergraduate
WGS.141JInternational Women's VoicesUndergraduate
WGS.150Gender, Power, Leadership and the WorkplaceUndergraduate
WGS.151Gender, Health, and SocietyUndergraduate
WGS.154JGender and Japanese Popular CultureUndergraduate
WGS.161JGender and the Law in U.S. HistoryUndergraduate
WGS.170JIdentity and DifferenceUndergraduate
WGS.172JRethinking the Family, Sex, and GenderUndergraduate
WGS.231JWriting About Race: Narratives of MultiracialityUndergraduate
WGS.233JNew Culture of Gender: Queer FranceUndergraduate
WGS.234JThe Invention of French Theory: A History of Transatlantic Intellectual Life since 1945Undergraduate
WGS.236East Asian Culture: From Zen to K-PopUndergraduate
WGS.237JRace and Gender in Asian AmericaUndergraduate
WGS.270JViolence, Human Rights, and JusticeUndergraduate
WGS.271JDilemmas in Bio-Medical Ethics: Playing God or Doing Good?Undergraduate
WGS.272JSlavery and Human Trafficking in the 21st CenturyUndergraduate
WGS.274JGender and Representation of Asian WomenUndergraduate
WGS.276JCultures of ComputingUndergraduate
WGS.301JFeminist ThoughtUndergraduate
WGS.455JGender, Sexuality, and SocietyUndergraduate
WGS.456JThe Contemporary American FamilyUndergraduate
WGS.457JGender, Power, and International DevelopmentUndergraduate
WGS.459JWomen in South Asia from 1800 to PresentUndergraduate
WGS.492Popular Culture and Narrative: Literature, Comics, and CultureUndergraduate
WGS.493Media in Cultural Context: Popular ReadershipsUndergraduate
WGS.510JLiterary Interpretation: Virginia Woolf's ShakespeareUndergraduate
WGS.512Major Authors: After the Masterpiece: Novels by Melville, Twain, Faulkner, and MorrisonUndergraduate
WGS.512Major Authors: Melville and MorrisonUndergraduate
WGS.514Medieval Literature: Medieval Women WritersUndergraduate
WGS.517American Authors: American Women AuthorsUndergraduate
WGS.576Advanced Essay WorkshopUndergraduate
WGS.591JTraditions in American Concert Dance: Gender and AutobiographyUndergraduate
WGS.595Theater and Cultural Diversity in the U.S.Undergraduate
WGS.608JCultural Performances of AsiaUndergraduate
WGS.610JThe Economic History of Work and FamilyUndergraduate
WGS.620JMedicine, Religion and Politics in Africa and the African DiasporaUndergraduate
WGS.S10Gender, Power, Leadership, and the WorkplaceUndergraduate
WGS.S10Reproductive Politics in the United StatesUndergraduate
WGS.S10Special Topics in Women & Gender Studies Seminar: Latina Women's VoicesUndergraduate
WGS.615Feminist Inquiry: Strategies for Effective ScholarshipGraduate
WGS.640Gender, Race, and the Construction of the American WestGraduate
WGS.640Screen Women: Body Narratives in Popular American FilmGraduate
WGS.640Studies in Women's Life Narratives: Interrogating Marriage: Case Studies in American Law and CultureGraduate
WGS.645Gender, Health and Marginalization Through a Critical Feminist LensGraduate
WGS.645Issues of Representation: Women, Representation, and Music in Selected Folk Traditions of the British Isles and North AmericaGraduate
WGS.693Gender, Race, and the Complexities of Science and Technology: A Problem-Based Learning ExperimentGraduate

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