Security on the field: online free certified trainings

In this article I want to share with you 3 certified courses I have found on Internet, that could to provide to you a basic (or advanced) training to improve your knowledge about "SAFETY ON THE FIELD". Enjoy and share in your network.

 All you need to realise those courses it's a device and an internet connection. 
Let's start!


The Basic Security In the Field e-learning course contains vital security information for personnel, family members and others covered by the UN Security Management System (UNSMS). BSITF II is mandatory for all individuals covered by the UN Security Management System, regardless of grade or function.

Topic:Safety & security, Rights and obligations of UNICEF staff
Provider:UN & UN agencies
Competency:Diversity and Inclusion, Integrity

Register/Log on here and click on the Learning Platform link.  


Stay Safe - Personal Security 
The 3 hours interactive course, focuses on security and safety related aspects for Red Cross Red Crescent personnel undertaking humanitarian field operations. It includes a number of modules such as security and beneficiary interaction, field movement, vehicle safety, telecommunications, working in insecure environments, health, personal security and Red Cross Red Crescent security framework.
The course is free of charge and applies to any humanitarian local staff or volunteer interested in enhancing their security knowledge.

Topic:Safety & security
Provider: ICRCInternational Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

Log on to and click on the Learning Platform link.  


ACT Alliance “Security Induction Course”

The ACT online security induction course is a useful tool for introducing new staff to some of the safety & security issues they may face in their work with the aid sector.

Following a general introduction to safety and security, this on-line course contains modules on:
  • personal safety and security,
  • risk awareness,
  • working in conflict environments,
  • dealing with hostility and aggression,
  • travel and movement and many more.
The ACT Safety & Security Community of Practice (SSCP) encourages all ACT Members to make use of the course, and all our other security tools, to fulfill their duty of care and keep their staff safe as we do our valuable work around the world.

Register/Log on here and click on the Learning Platform link.  


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